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  1. I chose to take my lessons with Chelmsford Driving School by recommendation from a friend & I certainly don’t regret it.

    H (my instructor) was very good at picking up any mistakes I was making whilst driving and offered effective solutions to prevent them happening again.

    After only about 10 lessons I was ready for my first test and passed first time.

    Overall I was very pleased with the service and price, I would recommend this driving school to anyone!


  2. Amy Vint

    I really enjoyed my lessons with H, and have just completed my pass plus with him, which was a completely different driving experience.

    I also agree that he is very good at picking up mistakes and has a way of teaching that is easy to understand.

    He was always on time and also very accommodating as to where I needed to be picked up and dropped off.

    Overall I would really reccomend Chemlsford Driving School and H!


  3. Amy Harrington

    I chose to take my driving lessons with H, from Chelmsford Driving School through the young drivers scheme.
    I liked the way H told me the mistakes that most people made in their test, so that I did not do the same.
    I felt as though I was learning at a steady pace for my ability and I passed first time!
    I would recommended H to anyone that is looking for a driving instructor to learn with.


  4. Mike Elphick

    I chose to take driving lessons with Chelmsford Driving School,with H as i was recommend by many of my friends from my school.

    I learnt more in my first lesson with H than my previous instructor.He is very good and picking up mistakes and making sure you do things that could add up to minors or majors in the test.He has a good teaching technique and also very friendly and welcoming,never late for lessons.

    I would reccommend him to anyone! Cheers again!

    Mike Elphick

  5. Alastair

    It has been a pleasure taking driving lessons with H. I felt very relaxed during the lessons and H is a great teacher.

    I would have no hesitation recommending H as a driving instructor. His teaching is second to none and he’s a lovely guy.

  6. Ellie D

    My cousins recommended Chelmsford Driving School to me so I started lessons with H. I would encourage anyone thinking of learning to drive with H to do so as his lessons were really enjoyable and I was ready to book my test after about 12 hours. As well as picking up lots of good driving skills without even noticing, H taught me tips for the test and really helped with nerves.
    Thank you, H 🙂

  7. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend H as a driving instructor to anyone! He’s absoloutly fab! Being 4 months pregnant I was very nervous about doing lessons but knew I needed to for the sake of my baby! H was very encouraging and made sure I was doing everything perfectly, even with my baby brain!! When it came to the test it felt so natural and easy for me as H had covered everything I needed to know and more!
    Having now passed my test I have so much knowledge and confidence in myself and have even driven on the A12 by myself!
    I had 2 instructors before and they do not come close to H, I can definatly say you wont regret booking lessons with him!
    Thanks so much H!!
    Heidi 🙂

  8. Emma Battams

    I got recommended by my sister! H- my instructor was an amazing teacher, he has taught me so so much, and like the other comments, he picks up on every mistake i made and did’nt i know about it haha -he will keep going over something until you get it right and will not let it slip. I would defently recommend H as your instructor! He is so helpful and a lovely person.

    Thank you so much for putting up with me! I am so happy i have passed!

    Best wishes

  9. Kristina Belloum

    H tought my brother how to drive, and I was recommended to learn with him also.
    H always picked up on my strong and weak points with driving, and made sure that I practised them repeatedly.
    He also has great banter, which makes you feel at ease when youre behind the wheel and learning.
    He always gave me extra tips with driving that I didnt need to know for my test but would help me to be an even better driver when I did pass, which I did first time!
    I could not have asked for a better instructor, I really appreciate everything he did, and for putting up with those diabolical lessons I sometimes had, and would recommend him to anyone! I couldnt believe it when I passed!

    Thanks for everything H! 🙂

  10. Emilia

    I found Chelmsford driving school online after having some bad experiences with my previous instructor from a big company. I was hoping a smaller family run company would have more interest in teaching me to drive properly and I was lucky to find H! He was always calm and patient even though I was a very nervous driver. H took the time to explain everything I needed to know about driving in my lessons, including many advanced techniques and ‘tricks’.
    Despite my lack of confidence I am pleased to say I passed first time in my test!! I would highly recommend H to anyone who asked me for a good driving instructor.
    Thanks H

  11. Elizabeth

    I found H through young drivers scheme at earls colne. There i really enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot so decided to stay with him when i turned 17. i learnt to drive and passed my test first time within 4 months of my 17th birthday. H really helped with my nerves before the test which was very helpful. As others have said he was also very good at picking up on mistakes and often took me to places where people failed their test so i knew what to do and wouldnt make the same mistakes they did.
    Thanks for everything H! 🙂

  12. Kayleigh Burns

    What I found best about driving with H was that he was very good at catering for the way I learn and was always willing to help whether I felt necessary. He knows exactly what the examiners are looking for and made me feel like a more confident driver. He taught me to be a driver in the real world rather than just what matters to pass my test. I had a problem when I first started driving where, whenever I made a mistake, I would always say sorry but H made me feel more confident with myself by telling me that he knows I can do it. He’s a genuinely lovely guy and really cares about you passing your test and doing as well as he knows you’re capable. There is no need to worry about anything if you pick H as instructor. Thank you H!

  13. H is a very patient and experienced driving instructor. I was quite nervous but he soon helped relax me and I really enjoyed our lessons. I would definitely recommend him.

  14. Katie Waller

    Thanks so much to H for helping me gain the confidence to learn how to drive and to pass my test second time round with only 5 minors! Best teacher if you are nervous to begin with. I would recommend to everyone 🙂
    Thank you again!

  15. Kyle Jeffery

    I could not have chosen a better instructor to teach me.
    H is relaxed, polite, patient and also a lovely guy.
    I passed my test first time and thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning with H and would recommend him to anyone.
    Thank you so much.

  16. David Bohn

    Es war super von H unterrichtet zu werden. Fahrstunden haben viel Spass gemacht und ich wuerde jedem emphehlen bei H zu lernen. Er ist ein klasser Lehrer und es war einfach bei Ihm fahren zu lernen. Ich habe sofort bei der ersten Fuehrerschein pruefung bestanden und das war sicherlich Dank Ihm. H ist mehr als ein Fahrlehrer, er ist ein echter Kumpel geworden und es ist immer toll sich mit Ihm zu unterhalten. Die Fahrstunden waren super. Vielen Dank H, ich hoffe wir begegnen uns an irgendeiner roten Ampel wieder. 🙂

  17. Witam wszystkich!
    Chcialabym podziekowac Chelmsford-driving-school a wszczegolnosci H za pomoc w zdaniu prawa jazdy!
    Jezdzilam wczesniej z polskim instruktorem (porazka), podchodzilam do testu kilka razy, niestety z niepowodzeniem!! I wtedy znajomi polecili mi H- w m-c zdobylam moje upragnione prawo jazdy!!
    Wiec jesli szukacie kompetetnego, pelnego pasji instruktora nie wachajcie sie i dzwoncie do chelmsford-drinking-school..NAPRAWDE WARTO!! H jest niesamowitym instruktorem, pelnym pasji i cierpliwosci, ktory pozwoli Ci uwierzyc w swoje mozliwosci!
    H Thank you very much for everything..for your passion and help!!
    Best wishes

  18. Jade Oyler

    Passed first time with 4 Minors after driving for 3 months! H is an amazing instructor, strict and to the point about what mistakes you are making, but its better as your driving improves far quicker. H adapted his way of teaching to compensate for my individual learning ways which is unique for an instructor to do. Lovely man, great teaching and always gives praise when you get things right! Couldnt have asked for a better instructor 🙂 thank you so so much

  19. Carolina Szczuk

    Muito obrigado Chelmsford Driving School pela ajuda nas aulas de direção, Hilário Padilha excelente professor,foi tradutor no dia do exame e me deu todas informações necessárias para o teste que eu passei no primeiro exame, recomendo a todos as pessoas.
    Muito obrigado Sr.Hilário

  20. Obrigado Carol.

  21. Hilário é um excelente professor, com óbvio domínio do highway code, extremamente observador e detalhista. Ele realmente consegue identificar todos os seus erros, e sempre é capaz de explicar as regras que estão por detrás dos comportamentos exigidos durante o teste, mesmo aquelas que são mais subjetivas. Mas o que mais gostei na minha experiência com o Hilário foi a sua capacidade de identificar a melhor maneira de ensinar para que eu pudesse aprender. Eu dirijo há 14 anos e como todo motorista experiente, tinha muitos vícios (dirigia no Brasil e Espanha, onde as regras são bem diferentes também). Além disso, eu tinha um grande problema de concentração que afetava minha percepção das placas e sinais, e o Hilário conseguiu perceber a melhor forma de me ajudar a melhorar a concentração durante as aulas. Sua estratégia funcionou perfeitamente e consegui passar no primeiro teste com apenas 5 minor faults. Obrigada Hilário por ter me ensinado tanto em tão pouco tempo e ter me ajudado a me sentir mais confiante na direção! Sentirei saudades das suas lições 🙂

    Abraços, Marina

  22. Abbie Devlin

    Thank you H! you helped me gain confidence and I passed my test my second time with only 5 minors! Best teacher anyone could have, highly recommended! 🙂
    Thank you again!

  23. 8 years of horrible habitual driving… in Saudi… India… you get the picture! But H understood what was required and helped me pass the driving test first time. While making it an enjoyable experience.

    நிச்சயமாக பரிந்துரை!

    நன்றி H 🙂

  24. Thank you very much Hilario, a professional instructor who would help us with both physically and mentally in order to pass the test. Both experience in driving and being a mature. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    非常感谢我的导师 Hilario, 他是一位非常专业驾驶导师,一直在实际与精神上支持和鼓励着我。无论在驾驶方面和做人方面都非常有经验。没有你的支持我很难过关。谢谢 Hilario.

    Terima Kasih kepada guru pemandu saya Hilario, dia adalah seorang guru yang sangat pengalaman, dia sokong saya dengan fizikal dan mental. Dia adalah seorang yang sangat pengalaman sebagai seorang dewasa dan kemahiran dalam memandu. Saya rasa ia sangat susah nak pass tanpa pertolongan dia. Terima Kasih Hilario.


  25. Samuel

    H is the best driving instructor I could of ever had! I would recommend H to anyone that is starting to drive, or is wanting a new instructor. He is calm with you throughout the lessons you have with him, and will pick out points on where you need to improve. He will take you step by step on all the information you will need to know to be able to pass the test. He will teach you as fast as he thinks you are capable of, so you wont rush into things and forget them quickly.
    From H, I was able to pass first time on my practical test!
    Thank You H for being a fantastic driving instructor! 10/10 😀


  26. Georgia Houghton

    Thank you H! I was probably one of the most difficult students to teach and what probably would’ve taken me 10 times to pass my test, only took me twice with H.

    He has a lot of time and patience for you and if he can get me to pass he can get anyone to pass!

    lots of love,
    Georgia 😀

  27. H knows everything there is to know on the road and I suspect most of what there is to know off of it! He is very easy to get along with and you will always enjoy having lessons under his expert tutelage. I passed first time with his help; He knows how to get you to pass the test, but he also teaches you how to drive well outside of test conditions, and will pick you up on things you wouldn’t always think about yourself. Could not recommend him more, no complaints at all 🙂

    Thanks for instructing me H!

  28. Gemma Arnold

    H was a fantastic relaxed very patient driving instructor , I passed second time with only 3 minors !! I was a very nervous leaner but h kept me very calm and relaxed and gave me great tips in helping me pass , would highly recommend . 10/10

    Thanks Hilario

    Love Gemma

  29. Liton Ahmed

    I cannot recommend chelmsford driving school enough, my instructor H was absolutely amazing and excellent. He was patient with me and taught me thoroughly. I am so glad I went with this company. In my opinion one of the best. thank you H 🙂

  30. Ross Toomey

    H is a brilliant driving instructor, calm and relaxed and helped me to pass my test 1st time after only 11 lessons. Thanks H. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. 🙂

  31. Jenny mc donagh

    I passed my driving test today first time after lessons with H. I was a nrevous wreck when I started but H has a great way of keeping you calm and is very honest about what you need to do to be a better driver. He was always on time for lessons and very accommodating. H has lots of tips and tricks to help you to remember everything you need to drive well for your test and in general. Great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you H, I never would have believed I could have done it first time!

  32. Before I started getting lessons, I would never have imagined myself as a driver. H taught me at a pace I was comfortable with and was very patient with me, but also pushed me when I needed to be pushed. He’ll make jokes and chat with you and it’s a completely relaxed atmosphere when in the car with him. I passed my test 2nd time with 4 minors and I don’t think I could have done it without H’s excellent tutoring.


  33. Matt Anderson

    I had been let down by a previous instructor from a different company so after reading some good reviews thought I would try chelmsford driving school. H was very professional, reliable, knowledgable and patient. I have no problem recommending chelmsford driving school to anyone. I passed my test second time. Thanks again to H. All the best.


  34. George Clements

    Started from scratch on my birthday, had a good laugh in every lesson and found comfortable to ask any questions I had. Found H to always be on time and very flexible with lesson changing, especially as I was at college and often had to choose my lessons around my school day and part time job. Had great knowledge of tests roots etc and made me feel very prepared for my tests. Can’t recommend chelmsford driving school enough, thanks again for getting me to the level to pass!

    George C

  35. Ben Fagg

    H was incredibly patient with my driving, continually reminding and pushing me to drive to the correct standard needed to pass my test . H was also always on time for lessons but understanding when it came to scheduling them, this was a great help to me as my schedule would always be changing.
    I was able to pass my test 1st time in a 2 month period which would not have been achieved without the individual teaching from H. H was finally very calming on the day of the exam and helped me to feel more confident in my driving throughout my learning. Thank you!


  36. This is the best choice by far in chelmsford, H is a nice guy and knows this stuff. I passed first time with him and I would recommend him for anyone thinking of learning to drive what ever your ability. Thanks H

  37. Having had two driving instructors before i passed my test, H was defiantly the best! He had a relax but yet to the point attitude, picking up any mistakes i had made but also making driving fun and not stressful what so ever! He was always on time, had a flexible schedule and was always understanding if i couldn’t make a lesson! H took me round the test routes so i knew exactly how to deal with the roads and other road users on my test. I passed second time but i only failed my first due to nerves! H is such a lovely guy and i’m so glad i learnt with him! Thank you H! I highly recommend learning to drive with Chelmsford Driving School whether you have experience or not!

  38. Daniel Tutton

    I was informed about how brilliant H was and how unique is teaching was. H was cool chilled instructor, he never wanted me to be stressed but he would never want me to be to confident because that’s where you start making mistakes. ive always suffered with nerves but H helped me control them. he took me on many test routs to help me on my test and showed me many areas where people have failed and how i could over come them. he was pure brilliant. i had been taking 2 lessons a week for 3 months before my test that was a week before Christmas which i passed first time thanks to H. I have already recommended H to many people and i still do. thank you so much H. you are pure class.

  39. Simon Khatcherian

    H is a great driving instructor and helped me to pass my test with only 3 minors, he always pushes you to be perfect and encourages you to be a safe and progressive driver. I can’t recommend a better person to train you!

  40. Dan Tipp

    H is a top driving instructor, teaching you everything you need to know to get you to the right standard in order to comfortably pass your driving test. He was understanding when it came to learning new skills and was always patient with you. However, he was a fair but firm instructor always putting his and my safety first. This helped as it meant that I wouldn’t get away with anything. He was always on time to lessons and was easy to talk to about anything. Because of H I passed my test 1st time with just 2 minors. The price of lessons was reasonable and I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

  41. Carolina

    Hilario, is an amazing driving instructor. Thanks to his patience and dedication I managed to pass my test second time round.
    Being from another country it was very difficult for me to learn how to follow all the rules, but Hilario explained everything in a very simple and objective way and helped correct my bad habits without criticism.
    I would recommend him 100% to anyone looking for an instructor. From my point of view, especially compared to the other instructors I had, there isn’t any comparison.

    Hilario, é um ótimo instrutor, com paciência e dedicação ele me ajudou a passar no meu teste de direção na segunda vez que fiz.
    Como eu já dirigia no Brasil foi muito difícil deixar os maus costumes e entender as regras de conduta na Inglaterra mas Hilário sempre me explicou todas as minhas questões com muita simplicidade e objetividade.
    Eu definitivamente recomendo Hilario como instrutor e acredito que ele seja um dos melhores em Chelmesford se não for o melhor.

  42. Carolina

    Hilario is an amazing driving instructor , coming from another country outside EU he trained me up to be proficient enough to past the UK driving test . He is very carrying , honest and above all very professional and able driving instructor.
    I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.

    Hilario é um ótimo instrutor , venho do Brasil e acostumada a dirigir com maus hábitos ele me preparou com muita paciência e honestidade a passar no teste aqui no Reino Unido. Eu recomendo o Hilario como instrutor e afirmo que ele seja o melhor instrutor de Chelmsford.

  43. Harikumar Sivakumar

    I am really happy that i chose this school and Mr.H as my instructor . Even though it was just a chance that i chose him , I am now extremely impressed with him and his way of teaching and that has got me through the exams . I would definitely recommend Mr.H to all my friends . Cheers

  44. Rhoda Totham

    Maraming salamat sa matiyaga mong pagtuturo. Di man ako lumaki dito sa England at ang mga kalye ay di tulad sa Pilipinas, ng dahil sa strikto pero mahinahon mong pagtuturo natutunan ko ang mga signs at rules dito sa Chelmsford/England. Dahil dito nakapasa ako agad sa UNANG test lang! 🙂 Magaling si H at inirerekomenda ko sya!
    Maraming salamat!

    Thank you very much for teaching me patiently. I maybe didn’t grow up here in England, and the roads are very different to my home country, but from your strict but calm teaching I learned the signs and rules here in Chelmsford / England. Because of this I passed my test FIRST time! I really recommend H as a very good driving instructor.
    Thank you very much!

    • Sydney saunders

      Big thanks to driving instructor H
      Didn’t have too many lessons and made driving easy. Couldn’t have had a better instructor and would Highly recommend H, Also passed first time so thanks again and I’ll see you on the road 🙂

  45. H was a great driving instructor for me. Picked up on all my driving flaws and offered simple solutions to my bad habits! Only for H I wouldn’t have passed first time. Always on arrived time and very flexible with lessons.

  46. Shanice F

    Passed my second test with only 1 minor!!! H must be the most patient man to deal with me. Thank you for your help, guidance and support throughout the past year.

    I highly recommend this driving school 🙂

  47. Anderson Leggett

    I passed my test first time this morning. H was a very patient man and was very attentive to everything. He was always on time to my lessons and was very flexible when i had to change my lessons. I would highly recommend this driving instructor to anyone looking to learn to drive. The prices were very reasonable too. Thank you for all your help and i wish you well for the future.

  48. Passed my test today all thanks to H. He is the most patient and kind man you will ever meet. You can’t help but like him from the moment go. I would highly recommend him to anyone especially if you are a nervous driver. He makes everything simple, always easy steps to follow and welcomes questions.

    If you are researching driving schools, stop now! You will be crazy not to use H!!

    Thank you so much H. I owe it all to you. You truly are amazing. Best of luck to you in the future.

  49. Passed my test after second try but me and mr H well know that I was so close at first try. Even the examiner said ‘it was a one silly fault at very end’ and when I saw that Mr H was so sad I understood how he is taking this job serious and he is trying to do it in professional way.
    Thanks for the support.

    Sen olmadan asla geçemezdim dostum, içten teşekkürler. İstanbul’u ziyaret etme şansın olursa ve İstanbul trafiğinin son halini görürsen sana anlattıklarımı tecrübe edeceksin emin ol 🙂

  50. Maria Monteiro

    Passei no segundo exame com 3 falhas. Eu sou uma pessoa muito nervosa e já tinha tentado tirar a carta antes e não tinha conseguido. O Hilário é uma pessoa extremamente paciente que conseguiu não só fazer com que eu perdesse maus hábitos que tinha mas também manter-me calma e atenta enquanto estava a conduzir. Sem duvida o melhor instrutor que tive. A recomendar.

  51. H was a good driving instructor very patient and helpful in finding points in which I needed to improve. Because of him I passed 1st time.

  52. Me and H have been through it all, the ups and downs of trying to get through to finally passing and I can wholeheartedly say that he is a fantastic intsructor that knows exactly how to get you to the high standard required for passing and its been a pleasure learning from him.

    Thank you H for everything, I highly recommend chelmsford driving school to anyone in the future.

  53. I am so glad I chose H as my driving instructor, I was the most scared driver ever when I started
    but today I have passed my test! H is very patient and understands you, he is the Best driving instructor I’ve ever had. I recommend him 100%

    Thanks H 🙂 xx

  54. I only had 2 lessons with H due to problems with old instructor, but these 2 lessons were the most helpful lessons as he pick up very quickly on mistakes i made and helped me to understand what i was doing wrong, i would highly reccomend H to anyone in chelmsford area , he is a great guy and he will not let you get away with any silly mistakes,thank you H

  55. Когда я искал инструктора по вождению, я думал, что мне нужно всего-то два-три урока — у меня же пятнадцать лет водительского стажа, и Британии я уже почти год езжу, надо только слегка допилить местные особенности, и дело в шляпе! Но оказалось, что пятнадцать лет вождения в России — не только в помощь, но и во вред. В Британии очен совершенно другая культура вождения, очень много нюансов

  56. Большое спасибо H. — сдал с первого раза! Мне очень повезло, что я готовился именно с H. Он один из старейших и опытнейших инструкторов в Челмсфорде, очень доброжелательный и в меру эмоциональный 😉 От всей души рекомендую!

  57. Peter Godwin

    I had a lot of lessons with H and I have to say he’s the best instructor I’ve had and thanks to him I passed. I had a few bad habits which he got me out of but it worked and I passed my test. Thanks again!!!!

  58. Becky H

    Just passed my test with H – still not sure if I quite believe it? WOO HOO!

    I took my test years ago and failed with one major – oops.
    Felt sooo much calmer this time and so much more confident.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend H as an instructor and will promptly tell EVERYONE I know to call him.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  59. Samuel Taylor

    Passed first time, all because of my amazing instructor H. H was initially recommend to me by a friend, and I do not regret following them up on it!

    Granted I was probably hard work but H managed to adapt to the situation and point me in the right direction!

    Very pleased with the learning as a whole, get experience and very nice man.
    Thanks H! See you on the roads!

  60. Mandy Deathridge

    I was so luck to find Chelmsford driving school and the most fantastic instructor H . He is the most helpful,kind and patient man I know it was a pleasure to have him as my instructor.

    I would recommend H to everyone

    I know it was hard H but you were amazing there are not enough to words to express how happy I am THANK YOU

  61. Anna Cooper

    H is a very good instructor, he makes you feel relaxed and has good tips for passing your test! I never thought that I would pass my test first time, I would definitely recommend him to others wanting to learn to drive!
    I’m glad I picked him to learn with
    Thank you H!!!

  62. Melanie savage

    H is the best driving instructor iv ever had. I passed 2nd time.
    Would strongly recommend H to anybody!!
    Would like to thank him for all of his patience and support over the last 4 months.
    Couldnt of done it with out him!

  63. Hi to all!

    I’m really happy to have passed! Greatly appreciate the advice and tuition that lead to my passed. Thank you so much to H’s patience and kind words….

    I wish you all the best!!!!

    Kind regards,

  64. Didn’t know which company to learn to drive with but glad now I chose Chelmsford Driving School. H was consistently on time and always let me know when he was on the way to me. He taught me well and I passed 1st time so was really pleased.

  65. H has been an amazing driving instructor . I passed my practical test first time, thanks to him.He has a good balance of friendly and disciplined approach. I have previously had a different instructor , and I could see a massive difference in the style of teaching. I will definitely recommend H to all my friends wanting to learn how to drive.


  66. Thank you so much H didn’t think I could do it but you gave me the confidence to do I so happy with 3 minors. You are so much better than my last instructor. Miles ahead in fact. Thank you so much and thank you for your patients with me

  67. Хочу сказать спасибо моему инструктору Хиларио. Я сдала с первого раза после 11 часов уроков вождения. Каждая рекомендация выше именно то что и есть правда о манере и профессионализме Хиларио. Я много водила машину со своим мужем и он многому научил, но только профессионал инструктор может подготовить к тесту по вождению. Хочу отметить что Хиларио отлично понимает нужду тех кто приехал в Англию и английский не является родным языком, так как он сам владеет иностранными языками. Хиларио поймёт и поддержит вас в вашем желании научиться вождению машины! Спасибо!

  68. I want to thank my instructor Hilario. I passed the first time after 11 hours of driving lessons. Each recommendation above that is the truth about the manner and professionalism of Hilario. I’ve driven the car with my husband, and he taught a lot, but only a professional instructor can prepare you for a driving test. I note that Hilario understands the needs of those who came to England, and English is not their native language, as he speaks foreign languages. Hilario understand and support you in your desire to learn to drive a car! Thank you Hilario!

  69. Just passed my test with zero minors and I’m absolutely buzzing. Not one for speeches but H did more for me in a week than my last instructor did after 500 pounds worth of lessons. Would definitely recommend him….

    Thanks again H

  70. A big thanks goes out to H my brilliant instructor. I was able to pass first time with his calm, excellent tuition. Two years ago H taught my brother to drive in 11 hrs so there was no better recommendation to have.
    I will always be great full to H as my parents our no more taxi services required. Will have no trouble recommending H to anyone.

    Thanks again H

    Ash (17)

  71. Anthony Martin

    Big thank you to H for getting me on the road,I will recommend Chelmsford driving school to every one. very professional services great prices.H was tough when needed to be but made me feel very relaxed

  72. I needed to take the UK driving test after my foreign driving license had expired (driving over 20 years).
    Here, I got a quick and precise adaptation to UK specific rules and in a very short time passed my test.
    My instructor was not only knowledgeable, highly experienced, and professional about driving but also gave me practical tips and tricks for how to pass the driving test. I recommend him to every one!

    שלום לכולם
    הייתי צריך לגשת לטסט אחרי שהשנה על הרשיון הישראלי פגה
    נגשתי לטסט לבד ללא הכנה מיוחדת ונכשלתי עם ציון טוב
    לקחתי שני שעורי הכנה אצל מדריך בשם היג
    הוא מאוד מנוסה בנהיגה והדרכה באנגליה אפילו שהוא לא מפה במקור
    הוא הסביר לי על הראש של הבוחנים ולימד אותי טריקים ושתיקים עלמנת לעבור את הטסט
    אחרי שעברתי הוא אמר לי בדרך הביתה שאני יכול לחזור לנהוג רגיל ולצאת מהראש של הטסט
    אם אתם צריכים להיבחן שיעור שנים איתו ואתם מסודרים

  73. Ryan Davies

    Have just passed my driving test first time and would like to express my gratitude to H. H is an amazing driving instructor, very calm, motivational and extremely professional.

    Will definitely recommend H to anyone.

    Thank you H.

  74. Alam M M Wahid

    The sessions were very effective and helpful. My instructor prepared me by 5 lessons within 8 days and I’ve passed in very first attempt. My heartiest gratitude to H for helping me down the road.
    I do definitely recommend H.

  75. Alam M M Wahid

    The sessions were very effective and helpful. My instructor prepared me by 5 lessons in 8 days and I’ve passed in very first attempt.
    My heartiest gratitude to H for helping me down the road.

  76. Konstantin

    I was very happy studying in Chelmsford driving school.
    H always managed to find best time for my lessons!
    Very happy that I passed test!


  77. Chelmsford Driving school was recommended to me by friend, who passed her driving test from first attempt and it was jut after about 11 lessons with H.
    My personal driving lesson experience was tougher as, at the beginning, I started with different (popular) driving school.. and it didn’t gave me any positive experience and I ended up with a lot of wasted time and money UNTIL I met Hilario.
    I was absolutely thrilled with how well Hilario knows what he is doing. I had plenty of bad habits(from previous driving) that was absolutely unacceptable for such amount of driving hours (over 25).. H. absolutely eradicated every single shortcoming I had as he is intended to work on problem if there is any.I passed my driving test on 23rd of November and I feel incredibly relieved and I can’t hide my excitement!!!
    I find Hilario a very wise, understanding, caring, trustworthy, punctual and absolutely competent instructor. He is the Wizard of the road!! 🙂
    Tank you Hilario!!!

  78. I have passed my driving tes. I’m really grateful to H (my instructior) for his caudial support. He is a perfectionist.

  79. Hilario has been a strict yet patient driving instructor for me. Over the numerous driving sessions we had, he was quick to pick up on my bad habits and methodical in how to correct my mistakes in an organic way. I passed my test on my 2nd attempt, but I knew not passing on my first attempt was due to my own performance, not from any lack of instruction from my drivings sessions.

    Outside the driving sessions, Hilario is very punctual with his timings and if there’s any break in the usual schedule, he will make contact to remind you of upcoming sessions.

    A pleasant and open guy to chat with; if there’s any doubt, give it a shot!

  80. Edward Sefton Fowler

    had 2 tests in the past following lessons with other instructors and failed dismally. Had 5 hours of lessons with H and passed today with 2 minors. Generally a really good driving instructor who tells you what you need to know and makes it memorable. Massive thanks.

  81. Abigail Reynolds

    I would 100% recommend this driving school to someone who has never driven before. I had never made a car move before I started my lessons with H. He patiently brought me up to speed within a few lessons on how to drive and from there on out it was qucikly and firmly pin pointing my mistakes and stamping them out! I have just passed and will definitely miss the laughs and fun I had whilst learning to drive!

  82. Daniel Finch

    Fantastic instructor! Made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and pin pointed my faults and weaknesses very quickly, after only 12 lessons I passed my test first time! Would highly recommend to any driver of any level of experience, massive thankyou to Hilario!

  83. Lucian Parva

    L-am găsit pe internet în urma comentariului de mai sus şi într-adevăr este un om SERIOS, CALM, PERFECŢIONIST, SUPER!!! de aceea ÎL RECOMAND tuturor celor ce vor să devină şoferi. Vă mulţumesc mult, domnule instructor H !

  84. Lucas Silva

    Eu tive lições com o Hilario antes do exame prático de direção. Ele corrigiu alguns vícios que eu tinha na condição e me deu dicas para o exame. Atencioso nos detalhes e sempre explicando o que era necessário fazer para dirigir de forma segura, as suas aulas foram fundamentais para que passasse no exame na primeira vez que fiz. Recomendo os seus serviços.
    PS: Ele não aceita pounds da Escócia. Lolol

    I had lessons with Hilario before the practical driving test. He corrected some vices I had in the condition and gave me tips for the exam. He always paid attention on details and explained what I have done and what I need to do to improve. His classes were essential to pass the exam. I recommend his services.
    PS: He does not accept pounds from Scotland. Lolol

  85. Bruna

    I’ve driving in another countrie in right hand side, withH, I just needed
    9 lessons to learning how to drive in UK,
    And got my UK driving license!!
    Thank you for your help

    I highly recommend him for anybody!

  86. Thank you H! Great instructor, very kind and experienced.
    Gave that confidence feeling i was needed. The lessons were very productive and informative for me. He learn you important tips and tricks as well to be safe on the road!
    Highly recommended!

  87. Daniel

    H is a wonderful teacher! Very patient and understanding. He is great at finding your weaknesses, allowing you to correct them quickly. H is also great at relating driving to your everyday life, making driving even easier and improving your confidence on the road. I passed first time with minimal minors and it’s been a pleasure to be taught by him.

  88. Thanks to H (my instructor) I was able to overcome my difficulties. With H help I was able to progress on my driving skills, thanks to H i was able to pass with only four minors. If you want a true professional than I cant recommend H enough. Thanks H 🙂

    Me ndihmen e H (Instructorit tim) une munda qe te kaloja veshtiresite e mia per te ngare makinen. Me ane te H une u permiresova ndjeshem on vetite e duhura per te ngare makinen, per shkak te ndihmes se tij une kalova testin me kater gabime te vogla. Nese deshironi nje instruktor profesional ath kontakto H. Flm H 🙂

  89. Hilario is a great teacher, extremely helpful, very calm and patient. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for your help

    Hilario mi ha aiutato tantissimo nelle mie prime guide in uk, è molto calmo e paziente. Super consigliato!

  90. Henry not only helped me to pass; Henry’s guidance made areas for improvement in my driving and road awareness very clear but in a polite and helpful way. Highly recommend Henry!

  91. Hanka Stanczyk

    26.10.2017- PRAKTYCZNY TEST

    Bardzo dziekuje za porady, wskazowki, i cierpliwosc przedewszystkim ,ktore pomogly zdac mi egzamin praktyczny. POLECAM I JESZCZE RAZ POLECAM Mr H (instruktor ) bardzo cierpliwy spokojny wyrozumialy , przyjemnoscia bylY lekcje jazdy z Panem H . Jescze raz BARDZOOOO DZIEKUJE . MAAAAASSSSIVVVEEEE THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP WITH MY DRIVING LESSONS AND EXAM . Highly REEECOMMEND !!!!!!! :-))))))

  92. Hi

    I had my lesson today with H – I passed my test 7 years ago and got an automatic car, needed some lessons to refresh my knowledge and all. The instructor was friendly and picked up on some good stuff I wasn’t aware of. He gave me a good feedback too. I found his advice/tips very useful. He listens to you and asks questions trying to establish what you need.

    Mialam jedna lekcje z Panem H – zdalam 7 lat temu ale kupilam automat zeby odswiezyc wiedze itp. PAn instructor byl mily I wychwycil pare rzeczy o ktorych nie mialam pojecia. Dostalam rowniez dobry komentarz zwrotny. Uwazam lekcje za udana a rady za pomocne! PAn H slucha oraz zadaje pytania I stara sie zrozumiec gdzie lezy problem by moc dobrze doradzic. Polecam

    🙂 Anna 🙂

  93. Sanaa Alaoui

    Hilario come to my rescue after a bad experience with my old instructor
    His expertise and clear guidance helped me to pass my test within 4 weeks.
    He is a professional and thorough teacher who leaves stone unturned

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

    Thanks Hilario

    Merci beaucoup pour votre effort et votre patience.
    Bon continuation,


  94. Sanaa Alaoui

    I mean he leaves NO STONE UNTURNED :))

  95. H was and is an incredible driving instructor. Each and every lesson you feel like you’ve accomplished alot, and always takes into consideration how comfortable you feel in your progress speed, which is great for nervous people. H is extremely knowledgeable and experienced which gave me great confidence in learning. He is such a laugh I’ve really enjoyed being taught by H! Highly recommend!!!

  96. Nuno Silva

    Good morning, a special thanks to Hilario, for the excellent and exemplary work.
    an excellent professional, always very calm and with a great knowledge.
    I was able to pass my driving test today for first time and for this I want to thank for all the training given me during the driving lessons.
    Thank you so much
    All the best in the future 🙂

  97. H is a great really patient instructor who helped me to pass my test after having a break from lessons for a couple of years!

    Definitely recommend him!

    Thanks H,


  98. I had heard lots of positive feedback from friends about H. H is very professional instructor, he had very useful teaching methods. I found H to be very patient and always clear with instructions and directions. He explained the rules and regulations about driving on every lesson. I would recommend H for all beginners.

    Hilario отличный инструктор! Tак как Mой английский не самый хороший, я боялась что мне будет сложно понять что от меня хотят, но с Hilario не было никаких проблем в этом плане, я отлично его понимала и он меня тоже. Oбучает очень профессионально, cтрого по всем правилам. Я очень рада что мне посоветовали именно H, я сдала экзамен быстро и хорошо, без сомнений cоветую всем! Спасибо большое Hilario! Oн отличный инструктор и очень приятный человек.

  99. Turhan Dereli

    Passed first time with only 2 minors. Don’t waste your time looking around, Mr. H is the best in Chelmsford. He’ll teach you every single trick and way of passing the test.

    Turkce: ilk seferde 2 hata ile gectim. Zamaninizi baska hocalarla harcamayin, Mr. H Chelmsford bolgesi icin kesinlikle en iyi egitmen.

  100. Joshua Claxton

    Thanks to Hilario’s superb expertise and firm instruction, I passed my test with 2 minors (much to my shock!) I felt exceptionally prepared for the test, muito obrigado!

  101. Jekaterina Dmitrijeva

    Thank you sooo much Hilario for being the best driving instructor.
    I had two driving instructors before and was still struggling to learn how to drive before my friends recommended me Hilario.
    Hilario is very professional, patient and firm. Very clear with explanations.
    With Hilario you will become a safe and confident driver.
    Highly recommend Hilario!

    С Удовольствием рекомендую Хиларио как самого лучшего инструктора.
    Очень хороший профессионал, объясняет все очень четко, строго и по правилам. Хиларио научит водить машину безопасно и с уверенностью.

  102. Ian Martin

    Take one 50 year old male with no experience of driving, and to be honest very little interest in doing so, mixed with a six month deadline to pass the test to meet new job requirements and that is the challenge that H was set. Well, I can confirm that I successfully passed my driving test first time on Thursday 8th November 2018 and much to my surprise have a growing enthusiasm for motoring. H, this is all down to your meticulous approach to your teaching methods and more importantly getting to know your pupil and what makes them tick. It has been a pleasure to learn with Chelmsford driving school and I would recommend H to all. Happy driving!

  103. Katarzyna Makac

    H is an amazing teacher. I have done my license in Poland 10 years ago and didn’t touch manual gearbox cars ever since and didn’t drive in UK for 5 years. He helped me to get back on the road, pointed out a lot of things to help me drive safe, gave me that boost of confidence i needed. He is a very patient and experienced teacher. Definitely worth the price. Highly recommend.

    H jest bardzo dobrym nauczycielem. Zdałam prawo jazdy 10 lat temu i w Polsce jeździłam tylko z automatyczną skrzynią biegów, a w Anglii w ogóle. H pomógł mi wrócić do normalnej jazdy, dał wiele wskazówek i w końcu nabrałam pewności siebie na drodze. H jest bardzo cierpliwym i doświadczonym nauczycielem. Zdecydowanie warty swojej ceny. Serdecznie polecam.

  104. Highly recommend H to anyone starting out driving. He is and amazing instructor and has the patience of a saint! I would have never passed without the help of this instructor, pushing me to my full potential.

  105. Kieayns shodeinde colverson

    Had H as a teacher and couldn’t recommend him more! Extremely friendly and a amazing driving instructor. Passed with only 2 minor faults, if you want to learn to drive choose H!

  106. Adrian

    H is a really good and patient instructor that will prepare you for your driving test in a very timely manner. He picks up an exactly what you need as a learner driver and will structure his lessons to best suit your needs.
    I highly recommend this driving school as it’s arguably the best one in Chelmsford.

    H este un instructor foarte bun si rabdator care te va pregati pentru examenul de traseu in timp util. Isi da seama foarte repede cum gandesti si isi va structura orele de condus in asa fel incat sa te invete fix ce ai nevoie.
    Recomand scoala aceasta de soferi pentru ca este probabil cea mai buna din Chelmsford.

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